Profile: Mohammed-Elfatih Twfieg

Mohammed-E Twfieg

Name: Mohammed-Elfatih Twfieg
Home institution: SHEFFIELD - University of Sheffield
Member for: 7 years 17 weeks
My submissions: All submissions   

I have been working for the Eurogene project since 2008. My background is in Genetics (Molecular Genetics and Genetic Epidemiology). My contibutions to the project included:
- contibuting to the ontology-building;
- participating in the topic-hierarchy development;
- uploading revised lectures from The University of Sheffield's MSc courses in the field of human genetics and creating learning packages;
- collaborating with other partners in the project, and in particular with the KMI group (The Open University) who are the architects of the Eurogene website, and with the European Genetic Foundation (EGF) group (project managers as well as providers of a lot of high-quality material in the Eurogene website).

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