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Dawn Teare

Name: Dr Dawn Teare
Phone number: +44 (0)114 271 3195
Home institution: SHEFFIELD - University of Sheffield
Member for: 7 years 31 weeks
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My research is currently focussed on the use of family based statistical methods in genetic epidemiology. ReSoLuCENT is a population-based resource for the study of lung cancer. This study has been funded by the Weston Park Cancer Appeal, (principal investigators: Penella Woll, Dawn Teare and Angie Cox). Within this study we are collecting case-control-family units to identify acquired and inherited genetic alterations associated with early onset lung cancer. A similar study design is employed in the GEMS study which recruits cases with melanoma and their family based controls (funded by Weston Park Cancer Appeal, principal investigators Sarah Danson, Angie Cox, Dawn Teare, Kevin Walters and Andrew McDonagh).
The Mathematical Modelling and Genetic Epidemiology unit is a partner in the EUROGENE e-contentplus project.

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