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The course deals with the role of mitochondria in cancer development and progression. Bioenergetics of cancer, mitochondrial genetics and mitochondria-related signalling pathways are discussed in detail, as well as mitochondria-related aspects of cancer research such as aging, bioinformatics and mit ...
Thanks to the absence of recombinatory events and repair enzymes, mitochondrial DNA is the marker of excellence when the interest is to study human population genetics. Moreover, being mitochondrion the powerhouse of the cell, any mutation involving both mitochondrial DNA and nuclear DNA regions whe ...
This lecture introduces some simple population genetic models for genetic epidemiology.
Фенотипический класс – все потомки одного фенотипа Генотипический класс – все потомки одного генотипа Расщепление – появление в потомстве разных фенотипическ ...
Первая лекция по генетике. Мендель. Основные понятия генетики в современных терминах. Особенность изложения - следование за логикой эксперимента самого Менделя. ...