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The course deals with the role of mitochondria in cancer development and progression. Bioenergetics of cancer, mitochondrial genetics and mitochondria-related signalling pathways are discussed in detail, as well as mitochondria-related aspects of cancer research such as aging, bioinformatics and mit ...
The mitochondria as “the aging clock” were proposed in 1972 by Harman. The theory was based on the fact that ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) are, in physiological conditions, by-products of the OXPHOS (oxidative phosporylation) process which occurs in mitochondria. There is good agreement, today, ...
This resource contains materials from advanced courses of embryology. It is especially focused on neuromuscolar development adn related disorders.
Part E of the CLINICAL GENETICS :From Embryology to Dysmorphology Course. A. Schinzel: Common structural cytogenetic disorders; E. Legius: Neurocutaneous disorders; A. Moorman: Embryological introduction to ear development; J. Zlotogora: Deafness