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One of the grand challenges in the future of genomics research has been recently described by Collins, et al: the need to develop “computational and experimental methods to detect gene-gene and gene- environment interactions” for identifying the genetic contributions to disease and drug respon ...
The confluence of molecular biology, biomedical engineering, and clinical medicine has led to a rapidly expanding range of new opportunities for patient care in many areas of medicine, among which, perhaps most visibly, is medical genetics. However such radical advances not only give rise to changes ...
pathways are regarded as key to the understanding ofliving cells different types of pathways are discussed • metabolic pathways • signaling pathways • regulatory pathways pathways of different types influence each other, all may build a large intricate network. • metabolic pathways are ...
Recent years have seen an explosive growth in biological data, which is usually no longer published in a conventional sense, but deposited in a database and assigned a unique identifying number for quotation in publications. Sequence data from mega-sequencing projects may not even be linked to a co ...
In the “omic era” Bioinformatics tools may be used to address the basic problem of genome annotation, when sequences are not identical to other sequences of known structure and/or function in the data bases. Our group ( has implemented machine learning based predictors cap ...