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Immense amounts of data on neoplasia-associated chromosomal aberrations have been collected during the last three decades. At present chromosome abnormalities identified by various banding techniques have been described in more than 55 000 human neoplasms. An increasing number of these aberrations h ...
Lezione sulla stima, comunicazione e gestione del rischio genetico di carcinoma mammario, con particolare riguardo agli aspetti medici
Dal test genetico alla chirurgia profilattica: workshop sui poblemi etico-giuridici connesi alla gestione del del carcinoma mammario ereditario
Epidemiological approach to the study of genetic traits •Q: Is there an underlying genetic susceptibility to trait/disease variation? A: Search for presence of genetic component: demonstration of familial aggregation not due to chance or shared environmental factors •Q: What are the genetic ...
In this video clip, I explain how to draw a family tree (pedigree), using a systematic approach. I use the recognised symbols and explain the types of questions that are helpful.