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The 21st Medical Genetics course session on 'From the clinic to the DNA lab'. A. Read: Interpreting DNA lab results
The 21st Course in MEDICAL GENETICS session on Mitochondrial Medicine. D. Wallace: A Mitochondrial Paradigm for Degenerative Diseases, Cancer and Aging: A Dawn for Evolutionary medicine V. Carelli: Optic nerve degeneration: a mitochondrial disease of two genomes A. Spinazzola: Disorders of nuclear-m ...
The 21st Course in MEDICAL GENETICS session on Genetics and diseases.
A series of Lecture on Clinical Genetics and Population variation, given during the 21st Course in MEDICAL GENETICS May 4-10, 2008, Bertinoro, Italy. M. Speicher: Development of technologies for the new cytogenetics H. Brunner: Chromosomal syndromes D. Donnai: Basic Concepts in Dysmorphology ...
This educational package contains a course on Genetic Epidemiology by Heike Bickeböller, and is made up of 12 different lectures.