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H. Etchevers: Neural crest derived tissues; J. F. Brunet: Phox2b and the homeostatic brain; S. Lyonnet: Neurocristopathies; A. Copp: Neural tube closure, normal and abnormal;
A. Villa: Bone remodelling and Osteopetrosis
B. Robert: The BMP pathway and limb development
A series of lectures given during the 21st course in GENETIC COUNSELLING IN PRACTICE, May 4 - 10, 2008, Bertinoro, Italy. T. Meitinger: Mapping quantitative traits in humans , M. Netea: Migration drives evolution of innate immune system, J. Bertranpetit How many gaps are we missing to understand the ...
G.J. van Ommen: Induced splicing of the dystrophin gene