Latest resources

G. Pongiglione: General Introduction, Health–e-Child Project; A. Postma: Embryology of the Heart (Cardiogenesis); R. Ravazzolo: Gene Signalling Pathways; A. Rauch: Cardiac Syndromes; O. Zuffardi: Genomic variation: a continuum from SNPs to chromosome aneuploidy
J. Graham: Teratogenicity of retinoids, methotrexate; J. Graham: Teratogenicity of antidepressants, cigarettes;
L. Holmes: Principles of teratology L. Holmes: : Teratogenicity of anticonvulsants L. Holmes: Vascular disruption defects caused by chorionic villus sampling and misoprostol
L. Holmes: Limb dysmorphology; J. Graham: Teratogenicity of maternal diabetes/obesity; B. Hamel: Neural tube defects: Clinical and genetic aspects;
A. Schinzel: What dysmorphic features can tell us about early developmental pathology/ Genetic heterogeneity; L. Biesecker: The development and uses of a new standardized terminology for the evaluation of dysmorphic patients;