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This lecture follows an earlier introduction to parametric linkage analysis using lod scores. Heterogeneity is described assuming rare major genes.
This ia a basic introduction to consanguinity and its impact. The following topics are covered : - definition of consanguinity - measure of consanguinity at the individual and population level - impact of consanguinity on trait prevalence - interest for mapping genetic disorders
Basic overview of genetic epidemiology How to show the existence of a genetic component for a disease ? How to characterize it ? Principles of segregation analysis How to locate the genes responsible for this component ? Principles of parametric and non parametric linkage and association strategi ...
Short historical perspective on Genome-wide association studies, general principles, power considerations, presentation of first GWAS results. Catherine Bourgain INSERM U535, Villejuif Génétique Epidémiologique et Structure des Populations Humaines