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METHODOLOGICAL WORKSHOP on the Rationing of the Hospital Resources in Europe and North America. The Case of Critical Care Beds. Given during the First Summer Course in Comparative Health.
Despite widespread variation among health care systems, at their base they represent variants or combinations of a limited number of types. As with political systems, the comparative analysis of health policy often uses typologies of health systems to help capture the institutional context of health ...
This is the 24th edition of the European School of Genetic Medicine annual course in Medical Genetics. Info on the 2012 edition can be found on
A lecture on Oligogenic Disorders, given by Prof. Nico Katsanis during the 2011 ESGM Medical Genetics Course
People tend to see genetics as raising uniquely sensitive ethical issues. Whether that view is right or wrong, it does mean that as working geneticists we have to be specially sensitive to the ethical implications of our work. Although we all subscribe to general principles of ethical conduct, somet ...