The new role of BioBanks in the paediatric research

Author: Mª Angeles Muñoz-Fernandez
Submitted: Tuesday 23rd of November 2010 02:32:41 PM
Submitted by: M Angeles Munoz-Fernandez
Language: English
Content type: Learning resource
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The vulnerability of children has long raised ethical concerns about their inclusion in research. Children abuses in the past researches have prompted their exclusion from subsequent studies. Over-protectionism has resulted in a lack of inclusion of children as research subjects, which has impeded the development of relevant medical therapies for them. Furthermore, the extrapolation of data derived from adult-oriented studies to be used on children has not always been appropriate. In response to the above circumstances, international policies have begun to recognise the need to include children in research. The European Commission keeps pointing out the importance of children being included in the studies because they are not small adults and they need to receive different therapies. This presentation focuses on the new role of BioBanks in the paediatric research.


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Mª Angeles Muñoz-Fernandez . The new role of BioBanks in the paediatric research. EUROGENE portal. November 2010. online:

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