How next generation sequencing benefits from molecular cytogenetic technique

Author: R. Ullmann
Submitted: Sunday 5th of September 2010 08:41:34 AM
Submitted by: egf
Educational levels: expert, qc3


Despite considerable progress in the field of high throughput sequencing, decoding the whole genome of a human being in one experiment is still not possible. However, this current lack of capacity has not derogated the appeal of the technique for human geneticists. There are several applications, where sequencing of the whole genome is not necessary or desirable. A prerequisite for such kind of applications is the ability to reduce DNA complexity of the whole genome by selective enrichment of the sequences of interest. In order to meet this technical challenge, different strategies have been employed. In this presentation I will give an overview of the current developments in the field of sequence enrichment and will discuss our own experiences.


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