Genetic Counseling: Ethical aspects

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This resource contains materials from advanced courses of genetic counseling. It is especially focused on ethical and social aspects.


A lecture on Ethical and societal aspects of genomics
A lecture on ethical and societal aspects of genomics.
This presentation deals with ethical issues in genetic counseling
a lecture about Advances in Genetics – Medical social and ethical issues by M. Bobrow from 2003
This set of slides addresses the ethical issues when offering presymptomatic testing for cardiomyopathy in minors. This can be used with slides from the other two presentations on presymptomatic testing for cardiomyopathy.
Issues in Genetic Counselling: Ethical, Social, and Legal Issues in Cancer Genetic Testing.
Genetics is a complex, technical and increasingly mainstream aspect of contemporary medicine. From cancer genetics to fertility treatment, from disease screening to genetic databases, genetics is both pervasive and paramount. There is a growing momentum behind the claim that there is a need for ev ...
The experience in the U.S. of managing the ethical and policy issues arising in translational research offers a number of important lessons. In research on this topic, I identify three differing approaches to dealing with leading edge basic research as it moves from the laboratory through later pha ...

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