FISH mapping of the sex-reversal region on human chromosome 9p in two XY females and in primates

Author: Zhihong Shan, Bernhard Zabel, Udo Trautmann, Ulrike Hillig, Chris Ottolenghi, Yayu Wang, and Thomas Haaf
Submitted: Friday 8th of January 2010 10:28:09 AM
Submitted by: pgmvanoverveld
Language: English
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Accumulating evidence suggests that haploinsufficiency of a dosage-sensitive gene(s) in human chromosome 9p24.3 is responsible for the failure of testicular development and feminisation in XY patients with monosomy for 9p. We have used molecular cytogenetic methods to characterise the sex-reversing 9p deletions in two XY females. Fluorescence in situ hybridisation (FISH) with YACs from the critical 9p region containing an evolutionarily conserved sex-determining gene, DMRT1, is a very fast and reliable assay for patient screening. Comparative YAC mapping on great ape and Old and New World monkey chromosomes demonstrated that the critical region was moved from an interstitial position on the ancestral primate chromosome to a very subtelomeric position in chimpanzee and humans by a pericentric inversion(s). Pathological 9p rearrangements may be the consequence of an evolutionary chromosome breakpoint in close proximity to the sex-reversal region.


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Zhihong Shan, Bernhard Zabel, Udo Trautmann, Ulrike Hillig, Chris Ottolenghi, Yayu Wang, and Thomas Haaf. FISH mapping of the sex-reversal region on human chromosome 9p in two XY females and in primates. EUROGENE portal. January 2010. online:

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