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This resource contains materials from advanced courses of cytogenetics.


This resource contains materials from advanced courses of cytogenetics and it is especially focused on Clinical Cytogenetics.
This resource contains materials from advanced courses of cytogenetics and it is especially focused on Molecular Cytogenetics

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diagnosis, preimplantation genetic diagnosis, prenatal diagnosis, prenatal screening, prevalence, primer, probability, proband, probe, processing, promoter, propagation, prophase, prostate, protein, proteome, proto-oncogene, pseudoautosomal, pseudogene, quantitative, quantitative PCR, radiation absorbed dose, radiation hybrid, real-time pcr, rearrangement, recessive, recessive allele, recessive gene, reciprocal translocation, recombinant, recombination, regression, repeat unit, replication, repressor, response element, restriction enzyme, restriction site, reverse transcriptase, reverse transriptase pcr, ribonucleic acid, ribosomal RNA, ring chromosome, rna interference, Robertsonian translocation, s phase of the cell cycle, satellite, satellite dna, screening, segmental, segmental duplication, segregation, segregation analysis, selection, sensitivity, sequence, sex chromosome, sex-determining region of the y, short interspersed nuclear elements, sib, signal transduction, silencer, simple repeat, single nucleotide polymorphism, sister chromatids, somatic, somatic cell, somatic cell hybrid, somatic mosaicism, somatic mutation, Southern blot, specie, specificity, Spectral Karyotyping, sperm, spina bifida, spindle, splice site, splicing, spontaneous abortion, sporadic, stem cell, substitution, subtelomeric region, survival, switching, synapsis, synaptonemal complex, syndrome, synthesis, t lymphocyte, t-cell, tagging snp, tandem repeat, target dna, telomere, tetrasomy, threshold, trait, trans-acting, transcript, transcription, transcription factor, transformation, transgenic, transition, translation, translocation, trisomy, trisomy rescue, tumor suppressor gene, ultrasound, unaffected, unbalanced translocation, unequal crossing over, uninformative, uniparental disomy, uniparental disomy study, uniparental heterodisomy, uniparental isodisomy, untranslated region, uterus, variable expressivity, variance, variant, variation, vector, virus, x-chromosome, x-inactivation, y-chromosome, yeast artificial chromosome, zinc finger



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