Bioinformatics databases, data structures and Web resources 2004

Author: T. Rattei
Submitted: Thursday 10th of December 2009 04:49:06 PM
Submitted by: egf
Language: English
Content type: Learning resource
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Recent years have seen an explosive growth in biological data, which is usually no longer published in a conventional sense, but deposited in a database and assigned a unique identifying number for quotation in publications. Sequence data from mega-sequencing projects may not even be linked to a conventional publication. This trend and the need for computational analyses of the data has made databases essential tools for biological research. Genome databases is a subarea of bioinformatics that is concerned with managing the large volumes of experimental data that are generated by new high-throughput techniques in biology, and the symbolic computational theories that result from integrating across those data. This talk will survey research issues in molecular biology and egnome databases available to researchers. There are so many specialised databases, that it is reasonable to discuss the different types and retrieval strategies and to present some representative examples.


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