Analysis of omics data

Author: Y. Aulchenko
Submitted: Friday 6th of July 2012 10:14:17 AM
Submitted by: egf
Language: English
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Current biomedical research is experiencing a large boost in the amount of data generated. Individual genomes are being characterized at increased level of details using single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) arrays, and, more recently, exome and whole-genome re-sequencing (WGRS). At the same time, technologies for high-throughput characterization of tens of thousands of molecular “omics” phenotypes in thousands of people are becoming increasingly affordable. The genetic analysis of highly dimensional, inter-correlated "omics" data is challenging both methodologically and computationally. In this talk, I will review problems arising in genetic analysis of "omics" data and will describe possible solutions of some of these problems.


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