25th Medical Genetics: Ethical Issues

Author: A. Read
Submitted: Friday 6th of July 2012 09:09:41 AM
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People tend to see genetics as raising uniquely sensitive ethical issues. Whether that view is right or wrong, it does mean that as working geneticists we have to be specially sensitive to the ethical implications of our work. Although we all subscribe to general principles of ethical conduct, sometimes it is not easy to apply those principles. Is the right choice always the one that leads to the greatest good for the greatest number of people? Informed consent is important – but is it really possible? What do we do if exome sequencing reveals an unexpected risk factor in a patient or a research subject? Can data ever be truly confidential – and does confidentiality really matter so very much? Hopefully 50 minutes of exercise in the moral gymnasium will leave us all with things to think about.


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